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Top Car Maintenance Essentials

Regular maintenance of your vehicle can help ensure you car stays running at its best in between services, saving you both time and money. So here we take a quick look at some top car maintenance tips, and checks, for safe, hassle-free driving. Tyres The tyres of your car play an essential role in the […]

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Car-azy: the Weirdest Vehicle Customisations (Part 1)

Here at Smartway, we regularly carry out a wide variety of car body repairs in Wimbledon, and because of that you can be sure that we come into contact with a huge array of different car types. Some of these are very unusual indeed, and in these special cases you can bet your life that […]

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Boys versus Girls – Who is Better at Parking?

It’s one of the oldest and most gender-stereotypical issues of all; who is better at parking…boys or girls? Amid accusations of a ‘lack of spatial awareness’ and ‘short attention spans’, a lot of studies have actually been carried out to identify whether any conclusions can be drawn from this age-old discussion, and it may not […]

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