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Smartway: Mobile Car Body Repairs In London

Welcome to the Smartway mobile body shop website. We specialise in offering a mobile vehicle repair service to suit all of your exact requirements, and use only the most advanced technological methods to ensure a professional finish every time. Our repairs are covered by a lifetime guarantee, and are also offered at hugely reduced prices when compared to a typical car body shop, so make us your first choice when looking for a reliable mobile body shop.

Bumper Scuffs

When choosing our bumper repair service, you can be assured that the craftsmanship of our bumper repair service will have your vehicle looking like new again, and will always be to the highest of standards. Smartway are a leading car body repairs specialist in London and bumper repairs are our particular speciality. We use fully kitted out Mercedes vehicles as a part of our mobile car body shop, and can therefore bring our car body repair experts straight to your door wherever you might be.

Scratches & Dents

We can have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time with our professional dent repair service. No matter what the severity of a scratch or dent might be, our proven service for car scratch repairs can reliably restore it to its former unblemished appearance. Our Smartway mobile body shop in London ensures that your car will always be repaired to the highest of standards, using professional body shop methods and experienced practitioners.

Headlight Restoration

Here at Smartway, we can also rectify the damage caused by simple wear and tear. Worn and cloudy headlights or lamps can be restored to their original pristine condition, to help pass your next MOT, improve vision at night, reduce glare to oncoming traffic, add value/saleability and is cheaper than replacing your headlight(s). Smartway's mobile body shop is here to help with scratched headlights and more, allowing your damaged vehicles to be restored to their former glory time and again.