01 Jul 2014

9 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

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Even though car paint is now manufactured using advanced technologies and methods that have improved durability, cars are still prone to chipped, scraped and scuffed paint. Here are the ten most common ways in which paint is damaged on cars…

1. Temperature

When your car is regularly exposed to fluctuations in temperature, the paint will expand and contract. Over time, this will result in small cracks and openings in the paint surface, which allows the infiltration of moisture, salt and other chemicals into the surface of the paint. These substances will cause rust and rapid deterioration of the paint. Consider keeping your car in a garage in order to avoid this!

2. Shoe Polish and Shaving Cream

These two substances are often used at weddings in order to depict a message, such as ‘just married’, on the back of a car window. If either of these two materials gets on to the car paint, they are very difficult to remove, and more often than not, they will make a permanent mark.

3. Concrete

If you regularly leave your car in an area that is having construction work done, you run the risk of having the paint damaged. The dust will play a significant role in the damage of your car’s paint job, as will wet concrete – if it sets in place, it will leave noticeable marks when it is scraped off.

4.  Bird Eggs and Droppings

Bird droppings can be quite damaging to car paint. They naturally contain chemicals that erode paint and expose the underlying layers.

5. Petrol and Brake Fluid

If either petrol or brake fluid comes into contact with your car’s paint work, it could cause peeling and damage.

6. Sharp Objects

Objects as everyday as a key can cause an immense amount of damage to your car’s paintwork. Criminals often commit damage of this kind, and it is cars that are regularly left for long periods of time in an unsecure place which become victim to this type of vandalism.

7. Stones and Rocks

Driving on un-surfaced roads at high speeds can cause stones and rocks to collide with your car’s paint surface.

8. Cleaners

It is important to use only specialised exterior car-cleaning materials, as generic cleaning products could be detrimental to the car’s painted surface.

9. Cleaning Cloths

Rough or dirty cloths could easily scratch the surface of your car. You may wish to consider investing in a soft, purpose-built cleaning cloth which will preserve the appearance of your car’s painted surface.

If your car has unfortunately picked up a scratch, scrape, scuff, or chip to the paint, our professional technicians can conduct high quality car scratch repairs or car dent repairs to remove any such damage from your vehicle. If you are looking for car body repairs in London, or mobile car body repairs in London, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Smartway London!

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