29 Jul 2014

Why Repairing Your Car’s Bodywork Matters

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Car owners tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to car bodywork. The first group contains people who experience genuine distress when they see even the slightest scratch upon their prized vehicle, and who instantly run to try and get the blemish sorted. The second constitutes those individuals who drive around in a car so dented and dishevelled that it would look more at home in a scrap yard. They may notice if a door fell off, but anything less is not likely to register.

The simple fact is that the state of your car’s bodywork matters on the day when you’re looking to sell it. Even apparently trivial dents can knock a huge hole in the price that you’ll get for it, so it pays to keep on top of your bodywork maintenance.

Washing Your Car

Sometimes, it might not feel like washing your car achieves all that much, but actually removing the chemicals and salts from rain or dirt is highly beneficial. Dirty bodywork not only looks unsightly in the here and now, but it also can lead to more deep-seated problems when you finally come to sell the vehicle. In addition, washing the car lets you have a good look around the bodywork, so you’ll be far more likely to spot any real ‘damage’ before it begins to worsen.

Dents, Scratches or Dings

A car that’s been in a bump can easily have found itself with an out-of-line chassis, even if the resulting dent isn’t that big. Unless the damage is investigated, you may never know, although your bank balance certainly will when you try to sell the car. Even a small scratch can cause the value of a car to plummet, and a scratch that starts small could easily get worse or rust if it’s not attended to.

It’s all too easy to damage your car’s bodywork – you might catch the bumper in a confined space, for example – and that’s to say nothing about damage that is caused by the activities of other people or even animals. If you find that your car’s bodywork is in need of some attention, then we welcome you to bring your requirements to the team at Smartway.

We offer car body repairs in Wimbledon, and our mobile vehicle repair service can be tailored to suit very precise needs. If you’re looking to sell your car, the state of its bodywork is a huge factor that will determine the price it goes for, so don’t neglect to bring your scratches, scrapes or scuffs straight to us. Take a look at the above image to see the kind of difference we can make! For more information, contact us now by calling 07732 542500.

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