29 Aug 2014

Infuriating Parking Fails

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If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll remember last week we made a post with some great advice on how to avoid dents when driving in London. You may also remember that in said blog, we mentioned it’s a good plan to park next to tidy looking cars rather than ones covered in dents.

Well, we’ve got some more parking advice that you should definitely pay heed to. Park your car properly in designated spaces, because ‘creative’ parking is a one way ticket to dented bodywork. We understand that you might be in a rush or you’re ‘just nipping into the shop’, but there’s no excuse for crummy parking. It’s inconsiderate to everyone else, and you’re going to get your car bumped either because you’ve parked in the way of traffic or because some vengeful individual wants to teach you a lesson.

Let’s have a look at some brilliant examples of how NOT to park your car.

White van on the right! That is not a parking space, it’s the edge of a mini-roundabout and they’re on double yellow lines to boot. This is a really terrible place to park as it’s going to make it difficult for traffic to get around the island and the nose of the van is inviting itself to be bumped.

This Toyota driver has clearly interpreted the large white arrow on the floor, probably indicative of an exit from this car park, as a sign that they were destined to park here, blocking this passage for every other driver in the car park. Thanks, Toyota driver.

Let’s take things stateside for a moment, bad parking isn’t exclusive to the UK, it can happen anywhere. Two compact spaces must be equivalent to one Humvee? At least this driver seems to think so. Unbelievably inconsiderate and utterly infuriating!

We’ll assume this driver is illiterate as they’ve chosen to ignore the ‘Motorcycles Only’ message painted on the road surface in gigantic white lettering. However, illiteracy is no excuse for parking halfway across the pavement. Looks like a classic case of ‘just popping to the shop’.

We’re not entirely sure how or where this spectacular parking fail has happened. However, we would like to point out the two parking tickets under the wiper of the silver BMW.

Take a look at these examples of bad parking and do the opposite. Not only will you be avoiding a car riddled with dents, but you’ll be doing a kindness to your fellow man. Please don’t be that parking fail person!

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