23 Oct 2014

Winter Car Essentials

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There’s no denying that winter will soon be on its merry way, and whilst for most of us this news doesn’t exactly fill us with joy, it’s worth remembering that the winter months can be a little tougher on your car too. Now is the perfect time to treat your car to a little TLC and ensure it’s ready for the months ahead. So here’s a quick guide to some handy hints and tips for ensuring you and your vehicle are prepared for the season ahead.

Ice and snow

One of the many downsides of a frosty winter morning is waking up to find your cars windscreen covered in a layer of ice. Whilst initially you might appreciate the look of this wintery addition to your car, on a more serious note, you shouldn’t attempt to drive until your windscreen is clear as this will significantly increase the chances of an accident occurring.

Try leaving the house a few minutes early so you can clear your windscreen before you set off. Always try using an ice scraper to do this first, rather than leaving the engine running, in order to save fuel.  It’s also important to remove any snow from your vehicle as when this starts flying off your car it can seriously reduce visibility for other vehicles. In fact, police have previously issued warnings that they will fine motorists who fail to remove loose snow from their vehicles before driving.


Winter is an essential time to check your tyres. After all, worn tires simply won’t hold the road as well in wet               conditions as those with a good deep tread.


The last thing you want, when stuck in a downpour or wintry shower, is to find your wipers aren’t working properly. Wiper blades are typically made out of rubber, and over time these can crack and split, reducing their effectiveness, so it’s worth checking them out before the worst of the winter weather hits. It’s also important to ensure you keep your wiper fluid topped up, as this can help break up any snow and ice that finds its way onto your windshield.


The winter months can be little extra challenging for your cars battery, and battery problems are one of the most common causes of breakdowns during the winter months. Keep an eye on the age of your battery, and if it’s over 5 years or if you notice any signs of trouble, such as your car struggling to start, then it’s best to consider taking preventative action and getting it replaced.


Unfortunately, winter driving conditions can also be a bit of a drain on your pocket too. This is because the colder weather can have a significant impact on the fuel efficiency of your car. Cars typically consume a greater amount of fuel during the winter months for a variety of reasons, such as increased use of headlights and the necessity of turning on the heating when things really start to cool down. However, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle during winter. For example, storing your vehicle in a garage can help reduce the amount of time it takes to warm up.


The unforgiving winter driving conditions can also increase the likelihood you and your car are involved in an incident. This time of year is also the perfect opportunity to treat the outside of your car to a little TLC too. If you do end up with damage to your car, such as dents or scratches, then here at Smartway we can help. We’re experts when it comes to car body repairs in London and can get your car looking as good as new, restoring it to its former, unblemished glory.

At Smartway, we specialise in car body repairs and are able to provide professional mobile car body repairs London to help you get your vehicle looking its best again. For more information about our range of services please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07732 542500 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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