03 Nov 2014

Car Cleaning Tips

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When it comes to keeping your car in tip top shape it’s important to give it a good clean every now and again, after all this is a matter of pride too. So here we give a quick guide to some top tips to get your car looking clean, shiny, and good as new.


Keeping the interior of your car clean can be just as important as maintaining the outside. Start by removing any rubbish and other items from your car and once this is done you can bring out the vacuum cleaner.  Make sure you hoover everywhere including those hard to reach spots such as underneath the seats, and don’t forget to remove your floor mats and hoover these as well.

Hand-held vacuum cleaners can be particularly useful when it comes to cleaning the interior of your car, but you could also use the attachments on your standard vacuum cleaner to make things easier. Stains can handily often be removed using everyday household products, though this is usually most effective if they are treated immediately. If your cars seats are leather they may required a little extra care and attention, so try using a good leather upholstery cleaner.


Start by hosing your car down first as this will help dislodge most of the dirt and grime. With this out the way you can get on to the fun part of hand washing your car. It’s often a good idea to use two buckets, one filled with clean water and one with a mix of water and your car shampoo of choice.  Use the second bucket of clean water to rinse your sponge or wash cloth often, to get rid of any grit, as this can help to prevent scratches. It also preferable to start at the top of your vehicle when washing and finish with the wheels as this is the area where the worst of the grit and dirt will likely be.


Whilst it’s tempting to leave your car to dry naturally, this can lead to the formation of water spots, so don’t forget to dry your car too. The best way to dry your vehicle is to use a soft microfiber cloth. Once your car is dry an insider tip is to try running your finger along the surface of your cars paintwork, if you find any dust or residue then it’s likely that there are still contaminants stuck to your cars surface. Clay bars are a great way to remove these and are perfect for giving your car a professional showroom finish.

Unfortunately when it comes to damage to your cars body work even your best cleaning efforts are like to prove fruitless. However here at Smartway we specialise in car body repairs in London and can restore your car to its former glory. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on 07732 542500 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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