19 Mar 2015

Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

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It’s not long to go now before we start rolling the clocks an hour ahead and get into the summer time mode. Your barbecue might be on the list of things to clean, and your lawn mower might make a guest appearance to tidy up the lawn, but let’s not forget about your trusty motor. It’s looked after you throughout winter, so get it ready for summer! By the way, if you can’t remember when the clocks change it’s the 29th of March this year!


Your car’s cooling system has been pretty much ignored for the last couple of months while you blast heat through your car to avoid freezing over the winter. The hot weather can put some unwanted strain on the car’s engine and can essentially lead to overheating, so be sure to do all you can to prevent this happening.

Make sure your car’s battery and electronics are able to take the full impact of the fans and cooling system on full blast on its coolest setting. It is also worth having your cooling system flushed to make sure that there is no unwanted rust or other substances clogging up your tubes! Also, whilst you’re getting that done, have your hoses and belts checked. Better to be safe than sorry!


We all need to see when driving right? RIGHT. So it makes sense to take a little bit of extra care with your windscreen. They should be kept as clean as possible so that nothing impairs your vision. The odd stain, an empty water bottle, and low level sunlight right in your eye line can all cause some serious trouble, so it’s up to you to reduce the risk as much as you can yourself.

Things to check:

Wear and tear on windscreen wipers, front and back of course. How often they need changing depends on how often you drive.

The odd wipe down of the blades will make a great difference too.

Tired Tyres

Let’s face it, your tyres have probably been sat outside every day of the winter taking an ice cold beating, as well as getting you from A to B whenever you need it, so show your tyres some love and make sure that they are okay and safe to carry you through summer.

For starters, you need to make sure your tyres are legal on a regular basis, not just summer, so check! If you need to know more about the law on tyres head over to this article from the AA.

Summer time encourages more trips out and with that you wear your tyres more, so be sure to make sure you are safe and carry an appropriate spare tyre too!

All Abroad!

If you are lucky enough to be taking your car abroad this summer make sure you check the road laws in the country you are visiting. The AA and RAC have basic guidelines online but there are still plenty of things you can do to ensure your adventures are super safe!

When abroad make sure you carry the following:

–          Jack

–          Spare Wheel

–          Jump Leads

–          Spare Fuses

–          Torch

–          First Aid Kit

–          Warning Triangle

–          Hi Vis Jacket

Now that you have summer proofed your car, you need to make it look the part when the sun hits it on those long sunny road trips. We are specialists in car body repairs in Wimbledon so let us cover the scratches, pull out the bumps and sort out your car this summer! Contact us now using our online form – that will also allow you to upload pictures of anything on your car you want treated. Another way to get in touch is to call 07732 542500!

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