18 May 2015

6 of the Most Expensive Crashes in History (Part 1)

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Crashing a car is undoubtedly something that should be avoided like the plague. Aside from the potential for injury, the sheer damage that can be caused can be financially ruining. Like most terrible things in life though, sometimes a crash is unavoidable.

As experts in car body repairs in Wimbledon and surrounding areas we have seen our fair share of car accidents and pride ourselves on getting them back to showroom quality. Despite the fact that the average price of repairing a car crash is less than a thousand pounds, there are certain crashes that stand out from the rest with their monumental repair costs.

In this special two-part blog we thought that we would take a look at some of the most incredibly expensive car crashes ever to have occurred. In this first part we are going to look at crashes involving only one car, first on the list is one of the fastest cars ever;

Bugatti Veyron Driving into a Lake

The numbers involved with the Bugatti Veyron are frankly a little intimidating, 1000 horsepower, 253 miles per hour, £1 million. With numbers like this you can be pretty sure that even the tiniest scratch on it would be a huge problem, so to have to recover it from a lake… that would be a nightmare! Check out this link to see the event unfold.

Mclaren F1

A limited edition car that once held the crown as the fastest car in the world, with a top speed of 243mph, isn’t going to come cheap is it? Nowadays an F1 (if you can find one) will set you back over… are you ready for this?… 8 million pounds!

One of those who are lucky enough to have owned one from the start is actor Rowan Atkinson, who unfortunately crashed his car in 2013 and the damage was pretty phenomenal. Rather than consign it to the scrap yard though, the car was fixed and while there is no official word on how much the repair cost it is rumoured to have been the most expensive repair in history.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Hand beaten aluminium, hand crafted V12 engine, only 39 ever made, all of these things are not things that you would traditionally associate with the word ‘cheap’ and indeed this is one of the most expensive cars in the world. With a price tag of £23 million nowadays you can imagine that crashing one would leave you pretty unhappy.

Well, in 2012, during a vintage road rally, American GTO owner Chris Cox crashed causing significant damage to the car. There are no figures on the official price for the repair but taking in to account the fact that it was undertaken by Ferrari themselves and took over 2 years you can be sure that it cost a pretty penny.

Check out the car post-repair below;

We hope that this little roundup of some of the most expensive single car crashes in the world wasn’t too upsetting for car lovers out there. Tune in next time for our round up of the most expensive pile ups ever; as a little spoiler, one of the pile ups involves 14 Ferraris…

For expert repairs to your pride and joy, no matter its price, don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

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