19 Jun 2015

The Devil’s in the Detailing: Car Cleaning Tips From the Experts

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Car people as a rule like to keep their pride and joy sparkling clean and are prepared to spend a lot of time to make sure they stay that way. Go to any car club meeting and you will no doubt see several members that keep a chamois handy to make sure that bugs that meet their end on the paintwork, don’t stay there long.

As experts in car body repairs in Wimbledon we like to think that we know a thing or two about keeping cars in pristine condition, and we even have a few car cleaning tips of our own. Thankfully we are a benevolent bunch so we have decided to share some of the best tips with you;

Rinse First!

As you drive along dirt and small stones land on your car and paintwork and it is vital to get them off before you start cleaning properly. If they are left on whilst you clean, they can cause permanent scratches and damage so get them off!

A warm rinse is usually best as it loosens the sap and bird droppings that often hold stones and gravel.

Put a Grid at the Bottom of Your Bucket

Known as a grid guard insert these grids allow any stones and gravel that may remain on your car to drop through and ensure that they are not dragged around the paintwork. This may seem like a small thing but once a scratch is there it can require new paint to repair it.

Be Gentle on Tough Stains

Far too many car cleaners are tempted to go at those tough stains with a sponge or a chamois and scrub them hard until they disappear. This shouldn’t be the case as this can permanently damage the top coat of your car.

A great way to loosen tough stains is to place a damp hot towel onto the area affected by stains and leave it for half an hour. Once you take it off the stains should wipe away nice and easy leaving your paintwork undamaged.

So, if you have set aside a couple of hours to get your car back to showroom condition this weekend then bear these tips in mind. If your car requires a little more than cleaning and you need a repair then don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you out.

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