14 Jul 2015

Hot Tips for When the Heat Hits

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There’s nothing quite like the gorgeous sun of summer to bring out the whinger in you. Conducting car body repairs in Wimbledon, we experience the weather full-on and have developed different ways of coping with it; let’s face it, if it’s not pouring down it’s being inconsistent. But let’s imagine for one minute that Mother Nature’s in a good mood and letting you play out… I’ll give you a minute to get your head around that concept.

OK, sorted? Excellent. When the summer heat hits, being in a car can be incredibly uncomfortable place to be, so there are some tricks to help make your driving experience considerably more pleasant.

Search out Shade

If you can find a shady spot to park, you will have a much cooler car awaiting you on your return. It might be a case of having to put up with the odd extra bit of foliage adorning your car roof and the odd splash of former bird-food, but choose your poison. As we discussed in our blog to help you get your car ready for summer, it’s important to keep your windscreens well cared for and free from stains, but it is also useful to apply sunshades. You’ll notice the advantages almost immediately.

Bad Weather for Leather

If you find your leather heating up, see our previous paragraph, failing that you can try sitting on a towel or cloth. There are few things worse than the back-of-the-leg scald that accompanies a freshly cooked leather seat, so it can be worth keeping a towel in your boot. Likewise, be careful of belt buckles; these guys can practically get up to the same temperature as the sun and, as such, will cook the part of your body it touches to just above medium-rare.

Water, Water, Water

This is an absolute given but you’ll be all too aware how easy it is to run out of the stuff; make sure you bring yourself plenty of water. One way of dealing with the need for cool water is to bring a water cooling container on your travels. You could even freeze bottles of water to rest on the nape of your neck to cool you down whilst driving, with these frozen bottles in turn keeping the other bottles of water cool.

It’s important to keep cool and hydrated in summer, so make sure you take all precautions to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Dress cool, wear sandals, crack a window, just don’t suffer the consequences of poor planning because heat stroke is awful to suffer from, let alone whilst you’re in an uncomfortably hot car.

If you find your car aesthetics are beginning to suffer from the summer sun’s toll or you find yourself with the undesirable scratches that can occur with going on long summer adventures, contact us on 07732 542500 and one of our team of professionals will be happy to assist you and your metal friend and get you booked in.

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