04 Aug 2015

Future Classics That You Should Invest in Now (part 1)

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Classic car prices have been skyrocketing lately and cars that were previously worth relatively little are now gaining value quickly. Cars such as the Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari F355 and even the MG BGT have all increased in value in the last decade. It’s not just sports cars though and classics such as the Ford Sierra Cosworth and the Volkswagen Golf mark 2 have increased in popularity and thus in value as well.

This is great news for those that own these cars as they will likely have made a tidy profit, but how can people get in on this classic car renaissance? Well we’ve picked out 3 of the cars that we think will become classics in the next decade.

Ford Focus RS (mark 1)

Arriving to the market with a hugely powerful 2 litre turbo engine and pin sharp steering and handling is always a good start if a car wants to become a classic. Strangely though the original Focus RS wasn’t all that popular when first released as it was a little too raucous to be considered an option for those that required a practical car.

Now though the value of this car is beginning to rise and a clean example will set you back around £10,000. We suspect that this value will continue to climb and in a few years these classics will demand up to £15,000 so now is the time to invest. If you are prepared to invest in a fixer then there are options as low as £5,000 that need a little TLC.

Volkswagen Corrado

The Corrado was another relative sales flop which has since become something of an icon to car lovers. It’s chunky coupe styling and excellent driving dynamics were largely overlooked when first released in the early 90’s as the market really belonged to hatchbacks and saloons. Now though the Corrado seems to look better than ever, rather than look old, it’s clean design and powerful presence give it real curb appeal.

Values are currently pretty varied as the car is very rare but you can pick them up for as little as £1,000… but don’t. We suspect that the values of the flagship VR6 and G60 models will begin to rise in the near future so spend a little more and get yourself one of these.

Mitsubishi Evolution

Mitsubishi recently announced that they would not be selling the Lancer Evolution models in the UK and for those with a need for speed, this is sad news indeed. Despite being a 4 door saloon, the car affectionately known as the ‘evo’ is actually an all wheel drive monster that was developed in the world of rallying. There are 10 generations to choose from and they all provide you with an extremely fast car that is capable of chasing the horizon with a vigour that appears to bend the laws of physics.

Dependant on which model you choose to invest in values range from around £2,000 to as much as £50,000 for the latest 440bhp special. Special editions such as the Tommi Makinen edition are the best place to invest though as they are both extremely rare and (for the moment at least) quite low priced. These editions are becoming more popular with collectors so now is the time to invest.

Well that’s part 1 done and dusted but don’t worry if you don’t like any of these options as we will be back soon with part 2 which may contain a future classic that tickles your fancy a little more. If you’ve already invested in a classic car who’s body is in need of a little repair, don’t worry as we’re experts in car body repairs in Wimbledon and we can’t wait to help you out. Simply contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to get your pride and joy back to showroom condition.

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