25 Aug 2015

What Hollywood Can Teach us about Self-Driving Cars

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Last week, documents attained by the Guardian showed Apple’s driverless cars were further along in their creation than suspected. Dubbed ‘Project Titan’, it has been surrounded by a cloud of secrecy up until now, being little more than hearsay and rumour.

Since we’re specialists in mobile car body repairs in London, we’re interested in all things motor-related. But we have to say, we’re a little sceptical about what self-driving cars have to offer us in the future. We’ve turned to Hollywood (where all the best facts are found) to determine what the future holds. After all, TV and movies are always right, aren’t they?

Werecar in Futurama
To kick things off, we thought we’d start by sourcing information from the small screen. Bender is cursed by a werecar after being rear-ended, turning him into a mass-murdering robot. This obviously isn’t great for anyone.

Looks like we’re going to have to add werecar antidote to the list of services we provide.

At first glance, this seems like the coolest car on the planet. Bruce Wayne is able to avoid traffic, have his car pick him up from wherever he’s flown to, as well as fire rockets at nearby motorists. However, we think this is best kept out of the hands of Gotham’s regular citizens, or most citizens to be honest.

Anybody remember when the Penguin hijacked it in Batman Returns and used it to remotely run over citizens? If Batman was driving this wouldn’t be a problem.

I, Robot
Ok, we admit it, Will Smith does make this Audi look pretty darn great. And the way he drives upside down on the tunnel to avoid traffic – genius!

Then again, he does end up crashing it in a spectacular fashion after the artificial intelligence snitches on him for trying to access restricted files. He should have contacted us to get those scuffs out of the bodywork.

This is an obvious choice, since no humans even feature in Cars. It looks like Pixar have created a world where people have become obsolete because driverless cars have become so advanced that they’ve developed personalities.

This may be targeted at children, but it is in fact a horror.

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