02 Sep 2015

Not the Fruit Cart! Best Movie Car Chases (Part 1)

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As you can probably tell by now, we here at Smartway are mad about cars, so it’s only logical that we get giddier than a schoolgirl when we see two powerful machines going head to head on the big screen. Yes, the car chase is by far our favourite part of any movie; the action, the destruction, the cars- when you combine all three, we’re in heaven! The only downside to these car chases is that there’s so many that it can be hard to note which ones stand out from the rest, the true greats! Well, to help out with this, we’d thought we’d list a few of our favourites off here.

Drive (2011)
While this is technically a remake of the 1978 thriller film, The Driver, we can’t help but love the remakes attention to detail in this relatively un-exciting scene. As a professional getaway driver, Ryan Gosling’s un-named character picks up two thieves and proceeds to drive them to safety, with the police hot on his tail. The way he maneuvers and calculates his next move to outwit LA’s police force is the perfect combination of the capabilities of man and his favourite machine.

Bullitt (1968)
The granddaddy of all car chase scenes, this 11 minute scene was directly controlled by the film’s director, Peter Yates, rather than the second unit which was the tradition at the time, and you can really tell. Yates treats the audience to a slow build up, making the action even more exciting. Another clever move by the director was to fade Lalo Schifrin’s cool score out, and replace it with the live sounds of tires screeching and gunning engines as Steve Mcqueen’s Ford Mustang jumps over those famed San Francisco bumps, pursued by two killers. What a film!

Ronin (1998)
This chase scene is beyond doubt one of the most implausible yet greatest we’ve ever seen. When you think of a car chase, you think of two slick and powerful machines but here we have a Peugeot 406 against a BMW. It’s in no way a beautiful scene but the maneuvering of the cars and the destruction they cause in their wake is absolutely manic! Watch the scene below:

Of course, there are many, many more brilliant car chase scenes that we haven’t listed, but check back for part 2 to see more brilliantly driven car chase scenes!

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