09 Mar 2016

The DeLorean: Is Now the Time to Buy?

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When it comes to classic cars, there are few that are as recognisable as the DeLorean, or the DeLorean DMC-12 to give it the full name, and there are several good reasons for that.

  • Firstly there is the fact that the DMC-12 starred alongside Marty McFly and the Doc Brown as a time machine that helps Mcfly to… Well, we won’t spoil it!
  • Those gullwing doors! Oh my goodness, surely it’s not just us that love a gull-wing door?
  • The huge disappointment of a heavy car with a Citroën engine and a paltry 130 horsepower to play with.
  • John DeLorean’s memorable arrest and the ensuing failure of his company.
  • That frankly gorgeous polished metal body that looked much faster than it actually was.

Reading the above points you may well think that the DMC-12 was an out and out failure, and other than looking pretty cool in a film, it should be consigned to the annals of history as a disappointing blip.

There are those though that would argue that the DMC-12 was one of the best cars ever made and indeed, it has a real cult following with collectors paying up to £40,000 for a clean example… that isn’t a typo!

A recent article has revealed that the reformed DeLorean Motor Company (based in Texas) thinks that 300 people will be willing to pay even more than that to get their hands on a replica DMC-12. In fact they are convinced that people will pay $100,000 (over £70,000) for one of these ‘new’ cars.

This obviously seems a little optimistic, seeing as the updates are only minor and merely to comply with modern emissions regulations. But maybe you are one of the 300 and cannot live another day without having one of these throwbacks in your life? Don’t worry; here at Smartway we’re here to help add a little perspective so here is a list of things that aren’t a DeLorean that you could buy with that £70,000.

Cars for £70,000

The list of cars available for under £70,000 is huge but one of the picks of the bunch is the BMW M4 which you can get instead of the DeLorean and you’ll have £17,000 in change to spend on petrol. If this isn’t quite fast enough for you then worry not, as you can get a slightly used Nissan GTR, one of the fastest cars on the road for around £70,000 with less than 5,000 miles on the clock.

Boats for Under £70,000

If you don’t really fancy staying on land then worry not as you can bag yourself a Regal Superhawk 48 for a little under £70,000, oh and the lack of power won’t be an issue any more as the Regal has 1,260 horsepower on tap!

Property for Under £70,000

If you haven’t even got a driving license yet, or are perfectly happy with your current car, then worry not as an apartment in Valencia will set you back around £69,000 with the change paying for your flight.

So what we are getting at is an answer to the title question: ‘Is it time to buy a DeLorean?’ The only logical conclusion that we can some to is, no! A very emphatic no at that; yes the DeLorean is a cool car but unless you see £70,000 as pocket change then the best bet is to spend twenty quid on a poster and a Hot Wheels model.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading and if you won’t be dissuaded from your gullwinged dream then don’t forget to bring it to us for a good old valet (and probably a few selfies with it too!)

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