07 Apr 2016

Pimp My Ride: Why a Car Body Repair Will Change Your Ride Forever

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Tired of that unseemly dent? Sick of feeling embarrassed when you roll up with a scratch roughly the size and shape of The Shard? Inevitably your car can not remain in pristine condition, crashes are the likely culprit but the fact is that the outside world comes with many dangers for your pride and joy.

A few simple fixes could revive your car from being an old banger to a sweet ride once again, and it won’t break the bank like these cars – we promise!

Car Wheel

A Chip (of Paint) Off the Old Block

Did the previous owner cover up a scratch with the wrong paint? Or worse, attach a whole new door that is almost the same red as the rest of the car, but different enough to warrant a sad sigh every time you go to unlock it? Well, then it might be time to take your car and give it a makeover to be proud of. With the wonders of colour coding technology that odd patch, or that odd door even, can finally fit with the rest of the car and stop those stares of disbelief you leave in your wake.

Fender Bender – Dents, Dings & Heartache

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the best driver in the world; at some point the dreaded and all too real consequences of adult bumper cars may leave your vehicle in a less than pristine condition. Whether it’s a chip off the bumper, a cracked headlight, a crumbling rim, or even the smallest of scuffs these damages add up to make a rather unattractive whole.

Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside After Traffic Accident

Often, you might believe that the cost of fixing these dents is more than your car is even worth. But that’s not the case! Here at Smartway we can offer far more attractive rates than the commercial garage, often 50% less, and with our free estimates it makes the value of fixing your ride that much easier to weigh up.

Here at Smartway we have specialised in car body repairs for over eight years, helping to fix those unseemly blemishes caused by crashes, and we offer a convenient mobile repair service to wherever you are. Feel free to contact us through our online enquiry form or on 07732 542500 for further information about our services, we’re happy to help you and will be in touch as soon as possible!

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