10 May 2016

The Different Headlights You Can Put in Your Car

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If your headlights have been damaged somehow and you want to replace them, or if you’re simply tired of the same old bulbs in your car, then it might be time to revamp your ride! Still, as soon as you make the decision of purchasing new lights for your vehicle, you might be facing yet another problem: with so many options available, how can you even make a decision?

Which Headlights Should You Pick?

So you’ve spotted a car with a headlight you’ve never seen before and it was love at first sight… if you want to swap your old, tired lights for shiny new ones, it’s important to know the difference between them! The variety of headlights at your disposal means you get to choose the one that will look best in your car, so you might as well check them out and see if you can match them to your paint job

One colour that’s very common and useful on the road is yellow. Yellow headlights are perfect for anyone who feels that their vision can be improved with a selective yellow colour, which is created by removing the blue to the violet wavelengths of the projected light (colours that are more difficult to process and can cause glare in severe weather conditions).

Other bulbs include halogen, which produces a bright white light and has a long lifespan; xenon, a gas that also creates a white light and has an even longer lifespan; and LED headlights, small light-emitting diodes that can form patterns and be used in different colours, from whites to yellows and blues, for instance.

Restoration of Headlights

If you prefer to fix your current headlights, at Smartway London we offer restoration services for headlights with a wide variety of issues. Due to our vast experience in the industry, we know the best ways to perform work in your yellow headlights, and lights that have become worn down or cloudy over time. On top of this, we can also repair your oxidised (an issue that can limit the light output) and scratched lights, so that you can achieve maximum visibility without running into any problems on the road.

You can opt for some pretty nifty lights for your car, so go ahead and shop around until you find the ones that will really make your car stand out! At Smartway London we always ensure that our customers get the best headlight restoration out there, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to touch up on them!

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