02 Aug 2016

Are You Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork?

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It’s important that you keep your car’s paintwork in good condition. This means preserving the bodywork and protecting it from any type of damage. You want to keep its value as much as possible – this will boost its resale price when it comes to selling it in order to purchase a new one.

Is the paint on your car getting damaged for some unknown reason? We’ve put together a list of reasons for why you might be unintentionally ruining your car’s paintwork.

At the Petrol Station

A lot of people understandably try and fill their car until it’s very full but this could be causing your car a lot of problems. Letting your petrol tank overflow is an easy way to cause damage to the paint on your car. It stains your car and these stains are almost impossible to remove. If you do spill petrol on your car, give it a clean as soon as possible using a clean microfiber cloth.

Not Cleaning Your Car Regularly

All cars need regular cleaning in order to keep them looking clean, modern and in tip-top condition. Failing to do this could definitely be a reason for why your car’s paintwork is starting to look old or damaged. A lot of people start to notice rust developing on the car, especially those that are left outside and uncovered during the colder and wetter months. Try and clean your car every 2 weeks – waxing is very important too.

Too Much Water

You should never park your car close to an automated sprinkler as this can leave behind water spots that are impossible to get rid of – they contain stubborn minerals that bond to your car’s paintwork. This also happens in areas of the country that have a lot more rainfall than others. This can also be avoided by either parking away from sprinklers or in a garage. You should also be washing your car regularly with car shampoo and then dry with a clean cloth.

Cleaning with Dirty Tools

Are you cleaning your car regularly but still noticing damage to your paintwork? It could be that the cleaning tools you’re using are actually dirty. Simply putting your sponge or microfiber mitt down on the floor for a second can mean that it’s ruined for further use – dirt, grit and sand can never be fully washed off. You should avoid dropping anything OR have spare tools on hand at all times.

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