23 Aug 2016

The Worst Ways to Park Your Car

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In a 2015 survey from Zuto, one third of drivers said that their worst driving habit was poor parking etiquette. Do you agree? There are plenty of mistakes that drivers make when parking their vehicles, and here at Smartway, we’ve come up with a list of the top errors…

Car Parking

1. Parking Too Close

Parking too close – whether it’s to other parked cars, to doorways, to people’s driveways – is sure to cause upset. But that’s not the only problem. By parking too close to allow others to pass, you’re running the risk of damage to your car, such as scratches, broken wing mirrors and dented bodywork.

2. Parking in Quiet Areas

Parking may seem easier in a low traffic area – but it could also prove costly. Fewer people around will mean more opportunity for thieves to target your vehicle, as there’s less likelihood that they’ll be seen. It’s not just the rougher areas you have to worry about – such break-ins can happen anywhere.

3. Failing to be Courteous

Taking up multiple spaces in a car park, parking unlawfully in disabled or mother and baby bays, failing to pull into a parking space enough so that other drivers struggle to manoeuvre past you…all of these parking errors could not only irritate others, but could also see you landed in hot water.

4. Parking on Hills

If you’re parking on a hill, be sure to leave your car in first gear if facing uphill, or in reverse if you’re facing downhill. The handbrake should be applied before you release the clutch, ensuring that the car’s weight is on the brake first. If the brake fails, the gear is there as a back up – be prepared.

5. Leaving Your Lights On

Nobody wants to come back to a flat battery, but this is an easier mistake to make than you may think. Be sure to double check your lights – and that your doors are locked – before you leave your car.

If your car’s suffered damage as a result of poor parking – either yours or that of others – contact us to find out how we could help.

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