22 Sep 2016

The History of F1

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Every year, F1 brings in millions of viewers, all avidly watching the progress of their favourite F1 drivers. Since its beginnings in 1950, the popularity of the sport has grown significantly, and it now has a dedicated fan base of motorsport enthusiasts who love the vehicles just as much as we do!

Formula 1 Racing

The First World Championship Race

The first F1 race took place in May 1950 at the iconic Silverstone track. It was attended by roughly 120,000 spectators, including the reigning monarch, HRH King George VI. This was the first and last time that event was attended by a reigning monarch.

From Grizzly Beginnings

Crashing at high speed is always dangerous, but these days, there are a number of safety measures put in place in order to protect the drivers, spectators and crew members. However, back in the first 10 years of F1 history, these safety measures were not nearly as thorough as present day, resulting in the deaths of 13 F1 drivers between 1950 and 1960.

The safety of F1 was not a huge concern in the first years, but as the years passed, safety measures were introduced. It was not until 1968 that the full-visor helmet was used by a driver and not until 1972 that the six-point seatbelt became mandatory.

Advancing Technology

It’s not surprising that in a post-war Britain, the cars used in the races were largely of the pre-war era. Since then, the vehicles used in races have advanced dramatically, resulting in cars that are faster, more efficient and safer for the events we watch today. The cars from those first races featured front engines, something which can have a negative impact on the handling of the vehicle as well as the acceleration and braking ability.

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