06 Sep 2016

What Does Your Car Colour Reveal About You?

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It’s no surprise to most of us that the car we drive gives others an impression. Make and model obviously speaks volumes about our preferences and personality types. There’s a world of difference between a Reliant Robin driver and a Range Rover. What is perhaps more surprising is that colour is also a key indicator. From sober black to sizzling yellow, cars of all hues give away clues about their owners.

Car Colours

Outgoing Red

Red is not the worldwide tone for danger for nothing. Red cars are associated with speed and daring and bravado. Red cars are expected to pull away first at the lights, and to commandeer the fast lane. Drive a red car and it might as well have a flashing light on it, saying “look at me.”
For the extrovert.

White as Snow

And just as difficult to stay looking lovely. White car drivers are fastidious, constantly washing their vehicle to keep it clean. This suggests people who are hard to please, as they are always on the look out for the slightest smear.
For the perfectionist.

Orange is the New Black?

Not really. Orange dares to be unique. It’s not a run-of-the-mill car colour and this shows that its owners are not afraid to be original and creative.
For charming, irrepressible artists.

Moody Blues

Dark blue is a sober cousin to classic black, and has a similar confidence and assurance as a shade. Trustworthiness is associated with blue, and lighter blues evoke calm and responsibility. It’s safe to say that blue car drivers are respected on the road.
For faithful, dependable realists.

50 Shades of Grey

Well, grey is grey, and people who choose grey cars tend to be pragmatic. They like things to be organised and straight to the point. At the other end of the grey spectrum though, is silver, and these people would never settle for plain grey. They like to feel elegant and affluent.
For the practical driver.

Black is Back

Not that it ever went away, there’s a reason most VIP and prestigious cars are black, and that’s because it evokes power and wealth. Drive a black car and you are joining the ranks of the elite.
For movers and shakers.

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