28 Oct 2016

Signs that Show Your Car Needs a Repair

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For car owners, there is no word that frightens them more than “repair.” For a lot of people, getting a car repaired can be a complete headache, as well as costly.

That’s why it’s wise to spot the signs of your needing a repair before it breaks down completely. So, what signs should you be looking for

Decline in Fuel Efficiency

If you are seeing a decline in your car’s efficiency, in which you are getting less miles per gallon, then this is a major sign that your car’s engine needs a professional to look at it . The decline in your car’s energy efficiency could be due to many reasons such as a clogged-up air filter. However, a decline in energy efficiency is a serious matter that needs a professional’s attention to reduce the risk of further damage.

Struggle with Power

A major sign that your car may need repairing is that you are struggling to gather enough speed to get your car off the ground –  its taking a lot longer to power up your engine. You should be able to operate your car off the road with little problem.  Your car’s engine may need some tending to, in order to get your car to power up properly.

Weird Noises

Any unusual noises that your car is producing should be checked by a professional as soon as possible, before it leads to more serious problems. Watch out for noises such as whining from the bonnet or a squealing that occurs when you step on your brake. If your car is producing any of these noises than it’s very likely your car needs attention.

Too Much Exhaust Smoke

Another sign that your car is in bad shape is noticing excessive amount of exhaust smoke. Depending on the colour of the smoke, black smoke suggests too much gasoline is being burnt, white smoke indicates a coolant leak and blue smoke means an oil leak is occurring. If your car is producing too much exhaust smoke than you should be seeking help from a professional.

If your experiencing issues with your car such as decline in fuel efficiency, too much exhaust smoke, plus other issues such as car scratches then its beneficial to seek advice from a professional. We at Smartway London offer services such as car scratch repairs in the Wimbledon area. Please don’t wait to contact us to find more information about our services.

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