21 Dec 2016

Driving Safely Over the Christmas Period

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Christmas, for all its excitement and charms, is a cause of major upheaval on the streets, congestion on the roads and a range of other issues that can make it a dangerous period to be driving. Pedestrians may be busy and stressed with shopping, preoccupied with their plans or careless around traffic after a few drinks. Likewise, you may find that other motorists are anxious to get home after work, have been caught in traffic or are around far later in the evening than they would be normally. This, exacerbated by darkness, ice and rain, means that you need to ensure that you are driving safely.

At Smartway London, we see a spike in our repair and restoration work during the Christmas period not always from unsafe drivers, but from those affected by them. We thought that we could use our experience in offering some tips for safe driving over the Christmas period.

Winter Driving

Take Your Time, and Allow Extra

Whether there are Christmas lights being switched on or other local events, shopping rushes or anything else, congestion can occur easily. Ensure that you have left a bit of extra time, and are prepared for any queues: you’d be surprised about how much calmer you may feel if you have expected them.

Make Sure that Your Headlights are Up to Scratch

Smartway offer headlight restoration that can make your commutes a lot easier, and may save lives. Unfortunately, alcohol-related deaths reach yearly peaks during Christmas, and people can stumble into the road on their way home from the pub or office party easily. Ensuring that your headlights are in full working order, and replacing ones that are no longer functioning at their best, is crucial to seeing pedestrians and letting them see you.

Winter Driving

If You’re the Designated Driver, Be Safe

If you have drawn the short straw and are the designated driver for an evening, make sure that you take it seriously, firstly. Even one drink can have a detrimental effect on your motoring. And, when driving home, try not to get too absorbed in the festive cheer of others! Raucous passengers can be distracting.

If you feel that your car could do with a revamp for the Christmas season, or your car has been damaged, contact us today for a free estimate. Have a great, safe Christmas.

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