03 Dec 2016

How to Add Value to Your Car When Selling

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A little extra effort can make all the difference when you’re selling your car. Whether you are selling privately or to a dealership, here are a few tips that could add hundreds of pounds to your car’s value.

Clean the Car

An obvious one, but first impressions really do count. Spend a few hours giving your car a thorough deep clean before a buyer views it. Wash and wax the outside, not forgetting the wheel trims and door jams, and shampoo the interior upholstery. If you don’t have the time, pay for a full valet service. Making this effort can add value to your car and be very worthwhile when it comes to selling. A clean and pleasant smelling vehicle appears well looked after and much more valuable than a dirty and neglected one.

Extra Touches

If your car is in relatively good condition but with a few scratches or dents, it is worth having these repaired prior to its sale. These blemishes can easily be resolved and can even be done from your own home with Mobile Car Body Repairs in London. Simple and cheap repairs like this are very easy ways to make your car appear even more attractive.

Check the Boot

Empty the car of all personal possessions and rubbish and make it look as showroom-ready as possible. Make sure the boot is empty and that the spare wheel, jack and any tools are tidy and securely stowed away.

Check the Essentials

A basic check of all of your vehicle’s essentials can improve first impressions, as no one wants to see a warning light on when taking a car for a test drive. Check oil, brake fluid and screen wash levels and top up where necessary, and ensure that the tyres are inflated correctly and that they are within the legal tread depth.

Get the Paperwork Ready

Keep the car’s log book and service history to hand to show any potential buyers. Paperwork and invoices of any recent work done to the car can also help to impress, so make sure you show the viewers these.

When you’re thinking of selling your car, it’s important to get it up to scratch to generate the best interest and improve its value. Contact us today to give your car the best possible chance of success when you plan to sell.

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