07 Dec 2016

Looking After Your Car in the Winter

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With December underway, it’s time to make sure your car is fully prepared for the challenging conditions – you wouldn’t want to break down on the way to your relatives’ for Christmas dinner, would you?

Check the oil

A quick way to prepare your car for winter is to check the oil. We all know we should do it regularly, but it is often forgotten. Keeping your oil topped up, or fully refreshed if needed, keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Top up the washer fluid

During the colder months, our windscreens get dirtier much quicker than in the summer. Wet conditions, salt and grit on the roads and dirty puddles all restrict visibility, so keep your washer fluid topped up to keep your screen clean.

Refill the radiator

You should top your radiator water levels up throughout the year, but in the winter use proper antifreeze to avoid your radiator and cooling system completely freezing over.

Check the tyres

Slippery roads can be tricky to manage at the best of times, so make sure your tyres have the correct depth of tread and are sufficiently pumped up.

Keep the exterior clean

Your car’s paintwork will suffer during the winter and rust can easily spread in the wet and cold months. Keep your car clean and free of corrosion as best you can, regularly washing the grime off and repairing any scratches or damages as soon as possible.

Prepare for any emergency

If you’re going to break down in the middle of nowhere, you can guarantee it’ll be on a particularly cold and dark day! Make sure you are prepared for any emergencies with a pack of helpful items in your car. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged before long journeys and you have a well-stocked first aid kit. And a blanket, water and snacks will make the wait for breakdown services to arrive much more comfortable.

Keep it moving

You may be tempted to not use your car as often when the weather turns colder to avoid accidents. But this is actually a very common way to encounter issues. Unused brakes will seize up and batteries quickly die, so take regular trips to keep everything running efficiently.

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