23 Jan 2017

How to Wash Your Car Properly

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If you are a car lover, one of the ways to truly show your car some affection is to give it a good wash and clean to keep it in tip-top condition. Yet, do you really know how to your car properly? Here are a few helpful hints to ensure that you are washing your pride and joy in the correct manner:

1. Rinse First

Before you start washing your car with products, give the car a good rinse over first to get rid of any dirt and debris which could be rubbed into the paintwork. Use a hose without any nozzles and allow the water to flow from the top of the car to the bottom, so that the water flows and prevents pools of water from drying and leaving marks.

2. Wash Your Car Weekly

Waiting for the dirt to build up is asking for trouble. Dead bugs, droppings and even chemicals from the environment can strip away the wax on your car, which causes irreversible damage and mean it may eventually need repainting. If you wash your car weekly, however, you can get rid of these harmful layers as soon as possible, avoiding any build-ups.

3. Use Specialised Products

When washing your car, you may think that a quick rinse over with soap and water will do the trick. However, a simple cleaning product such as soap could actually strip the wax off your car. It is worth investing in quality cleaning products that are solely for your car, as they are much milder and are specifically designed to work with the car’s paintwork.

4. Use Separate Sponges

It is always best to use several sponges when washing your car, especially the tyres and wheels, as grit may be transported to the bodywork and cause deep scratches. You can use soap and water when cleaning the wheels and tyres though if you are unsure of suitable products for this region on your car.

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