09 Feb 2017

Windshield: Repair or Replace?

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We all know just how important it is that your headlights are in tip top condition. If your lights are damaged they can present a hazard to your vehicle and to you. There is also another very important component that needs to be in optimal condition at all times – the windshield glass.

Even the smallest imperfection on the glass can obstruct your view of the road and present safety risks. Knowing when to just have the glass repaired or when to replace it in its entirety is equally important, as it can help you save money and remain safe.


With modern technologies and materials, windshields have longer lifespans than before. Imperfections that meant replacement can now be easily repaired, saving you the extra cost. If the crack is small enough, then it’s likely it can be fixed.

However, you should do it as soon as possible. After all, dirt can accumulate in the area and reduce clarity, or the crack or chip can spread if hit again or even through bumps on the road that vibrate the glass, for instance.

Repairing a windshield usually means injecting a resin into the outer layer of glass. This will improve its structure and aesthetic. The resin is then polished until smooth. This will prevent the crack or chip from spreading and damaging the glass any further.


Usually, any cracks or chips bigger than a couple of inches will require full replacement. Large defects can not only reduce your visibility but also damage the entire structure of the glass.

However, the location of the defect is also crucial. Cracks at the edge of the glass will spread fast and compromise the integrity of the windshield, meaning it will have to be replaced. Certain defects are not fixable, such as when the damage goes through the exterior sheet of glass and into the interior.

It is also noteworthy to check whether a chip or crack has spread. What might seem small and innocent at first can quickly become larger. This is a sign that the windshield will have to be replaced, as the issue will only get worse.

Deciding whether to repair or replace the glass will depend on the size, location and seriousness of the damage. Always speak to a specialist to know what to do, given that your windshield is a vital part of your car and should be in excellent condition at all times.

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