23 Aug 2017

Preparing Your Car for Autumn

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You may never have thought about preparing your car for autumn, however, doing so can save you a great deal of trouble during the dreaded winter months. The change in temperature from the long hot days to much cooler and often frosty conditions can have a serious impact on your vehicle.

To help ensure that your car is less likely to experience damage and accidents, here are some top tips:

1. Check Tyre Pressure

You should aim to keep on top of your tyre pressure throughout the year, however as autumn approaches, it is best to be even more cautious. The recommended minimum tread depth is 3mm, however, winter tyres average at 4.5 mm and should be changed every 5-6 years for safety purposes. This is due to the slippery roads and freezing conditions which may lead to skidding.

Car Wheel

2. Check All Bulbs

Checking whether your lights are working is an obvious claim, yet, this factor can often be overlooked. A bulb doesn’t have to be completely out to need replacing. Always check the brightness of the bulbs as dimming will lead to a dead light sooner or later; perhaps whilst driving, which may result in a serious hazard. It’s advised to check all bulbs on a weekly basis.

3. Test the Electrics

During the summer, you may not have needed to use many of the electrical components within your interior and after months of being unused, it may be necessary to give these a good checking over. Be sure to start your engine instead of running off your battery when testing the heating, wipers, interior lights etc. as there will be a greater demand to have these working efficiently during this season.

Car engine

4. Check the Coolant

Ensuring the coolant liquid is topped up is also often overlooked during the autumn season, due to the plunging temperatures. However, months of heat during the summer may have caused your coolant levels to dip. Poor maintenance of your coolant liquid may run up a huge bill if your engine overheats, so keep a check on this.

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