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Infuriating Parking Fails

If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll remember last week we made a post with some great advice on how to avoid dents when driving in London. You may also remember that in said blog, we mentioned it’s a good plan to park next to tidy looking cars rather than ones covered in dents. […]

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Buying a Classic Car Showstopper

Whether it’s the swooping lines of 60’s British cars, menacing classic Americana, 80’s wedge or any other era, one thing is for sure, we all have a favourite classic car.  In the past, collecting classic cars was seen as a time consuming and potentially financially ruinous hobby, but the times really are changing. With classic […]

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Avoiding Dents in the City

London is a busy city, the traffic is dense and the driving is sometimes, well… erratic. This is not good news for the car owners of the capital who take pride in their appearance of their vehicle and strive to keep that paint job blemish free. Thankfully, we’re an observant bunch at SmartWay and we’ve […]

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